City Council meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month.
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: City Hall 501 Kansas

                                Your Governing Body
Longton is governed by a five member Council and a Mayor. The Mayor acts as administrator with the council as legislator. The Council enacts city laws and resolutions such as code amendments, new codes, the yearly budget & etc. The Mayor enforces and implements them. 

The Mayor acts as the chair of the City Council and only votes in times of a split vote. When voting on ordinances where the number of favorable votes is one less than required, the Mayor has the power to cast the deciding vote in favor of the ordinance.

The Mayor can and does delegate portions of his duties to council members, which is needed in a small city with limited staff like Longton. These duties include managing city services, fulfilling the multitude of state and federal requirements, collaborating with the many different agencies and other groups that the city needs to work with, and the day to day operational needs of the city. 

The Mayor & Council term for office is four years.

                                               Your Government - Get Involved
Your Government works for you. You have the freedom to vote for them, tell them your opinions, and offer your support. Use this website to contact your elected officials and let them know what your thoughts are, in regards to your city. 

All meetings of the Governmental Body are open to the public, except for executive sessions. These sessions may be called under Kansas Open Meeting Act after a formal motion has been made, seconded and carried to recess into the executive session. The Council is not permitted to take any binding action in these executive sessions. Any binding action must occur in open public meetings.

The agenda at every monthly meeting allows for a timely public forum. This time is set aside to hear citizen's concerns for their city and city services. Or if you have new fresh ideas to better our community, the council would love to hear them as well. Any topics brought up in the public forum that the council wants to take action on, must first be  placed on a future meeting agenda.