City Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7P.M.

Join us at Longton City Hall - 501 Kansas Ave.
The public is welcome.

The Longton Governing Body are elected to a four-year term.  Longton chartered out of K.S.A. 15-201 by passing Charter Ordinance No. 3 to stagger the terms of members of the governing body to ensure that there always will be some experienced members on the council.  The City General Elections are held the first Tuesday in April in the odd-numbered years.  Qualified persons desiring to be a candidate for city office must file a statement of candidacy with the Elk County Election Officer - Donna Kaminska, on or before 12:00 o'clock noon of the Tuesday preceding by 10 weeks the city general election.  In addition to the statment of candidacy, each candidate must also deliver to the EC Election Officer either a filing fee of $5 or a petition signed by 25 electors.

                                     Longton City Council Members

Jennifer Walker                       Mark Ashenfelter
April 2013 - 2017                                         April 2013 - 2017

Contact:                                     Contact:

Jason Clatt                             Tom McRay (filling vacancy) 
April 2015-2019                                            April 2015 - 2019
Contact:                                Contact: 620.330.3964

Sharon Ferguson
April 2015 - 2019