Trash Service

Longton contracts out their trash service.  The current contractor is Allied Waste Services.  Longton uses  residential dumpsters, which are placed in the middle of each city block, except for selected streets that demand poly-cart service.

You are allowed to use any residential dumpster in town, but please, consider others and do not fill up a dumpster, allow room for your neighbor's trash. Allied Waste will pick up most items, if it is cut down to fit in a dumpster.  They will not pick up any hazardous materials, wet paint, tires, batteries, refrigerates and heavy chunks of metal, concrete or rocks.  Poly-cart users must put their trash in bags, no loose trash in carts will be picked up.

Only trash paying customers are allowed to use the dumpsters - if you see any one from out of town dumping, please, report to Longton City Hall.  We will need a vehicle tag #, or if possible, a snap-shot picture of the violator in the act, Allied Waste will have the proof for theft of service, and the violator will be prosecuted.

Trash pick-up day in Longton is on Wednesday mornings.

Current Trash Rate:
$21.89 per month - included as a line item on your monthly water bill.